Taking advantages of quarantine

All of us know that we are living something totally unusual in our humanity history of last years. In my opinion, the best way to spend this time of quarantine is to do something that develops ourself as person, profesional, family or human simply.

In this post, I’ll describe what I did to improve my professional side.

Few years ago, I started a personal small project of a collaborative dictionary of argentinians slangs. Then during quarantine, I decided to take to the ideas that had been left unfinished at that time. I have improved them and above all, I made them real.

My goals were:

  • The most important learn something new and have fun.

Regarding the project:

  • Collaborative dictionary of argentinian slangs
  • Any people can contribute adding a new slang
  • Any people can contribute adding examples of use of existing slangs
  • Any people can contribute adding image/gift of use of existing slangs.
  • Any people can contribute adding audio of existing slangs and existing examples to use
  • Learning new slangs must to be fun

According to these basic goals, I started this small project to make apps to Android and iOS, a collaborative argentinian slang dictionary.

Three months later after quarantine started, I can show you the main things I enjoyed learning

The result so far is this android application and this landing page. The iOS version is in progress, and soon I’ll update this post.

Lunfardo Argentino
Android and Landing Page

Basically with this post, I have confirmed again how the continuous learning is important and fun. And I would like to motivate whoever is reading this post to put their ideas into practice. No matter what they are, no matter if they go wrong, keep doing it. At the end of each stage you will not be the same person and you will surely learn something new. That’s enough.

If your idea is big or complex, break it down into small parts that could be achievable in the short term and just make it happen.

PS: One interesting thing that happended me of spend time learning something during quarantine (last 3 months), i just to spent no more than 4 or 5 hours on Netflix… maybe is time to shut down this TV as well.

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